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Educational Hosting has begun!

We were so honored to have hosted the Groundswell community retreat at The Green Wave House. Beautiful women, reclaiming their health sovereignty came to our land to bless seeds with intentions of healing and plant them. We used mucuna seeds, nitrogen fixers and planted them around some of our more struggling or young trees. The beans will help restore nitrogen to the soil (helping their companion plant) as well as create a green mulch another "layer" of healing by providing protection from the intense summer sun.

We hope to regain access to our instagram account to update with pictures from the event!

Next week, March 9th we have our first bus of 24 kids from the Playa Hermosa school coming to see what we are up to on the farm and learn the basic principles of permaculture. (Thank you Teacher Lee).

We have also been added to the roster for rural tourism on Permaculture Journeys!

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