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First Futuro Verde Food Forest Tour

Futuro Verde visits the Green Wave House

We are so excited to finally have Futuro Verde students come over to study the growing and expanding food forest at The Green Wave House.

In Februrary, Green Wave was asked by a teacher and a Futuro Verde parent to explore a way to integrate permaculture into Futuro Verde. This would be the first attempt, at least in Costa Rica according to our research, to integrate permaculture into an actual school. Green Wave executive director, Janine Jordan, and expert permactulurist and Green Wave Advisor, Adriana Pal formulated and pitched a plan to Futuro Verde which they decided to begin implementing.

After the success of a new structure for a new coop and an expanded feeding area and mini-food forest for the chickens, it was time to start the workshops for the kids. The first lesson to be taught by Adriana was about food forests. Last week Futuro Verde went to Cabo Blanco National Park to study how Nature makes Her forests to get ideas of how harmonious forest dynamics work so that they can be mimicked in forest designed to feed people (and animals of course). Today the students come to the Green Wave house to see the multi-layered forest Adriana helped design that has been growing for over a year and half and also the new expansion area where new trees have been planted on the bare canvas of a slope without the supporting plants yet.

We look forward to the design the students come up with as they will be the first students at Futuro Verde to submit concepts for a food forest that will grow at the school.

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