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First Phase Food Forest

Here it is, our food forest! Most of it ;) We have some trees not expressed on the map as they are on the opposite side of the property and close to the MILPA (corn, beans, squash) area. We also have a lot of Hoja Zen planted that is not listed. And of course the trees we have on order that are not in the ground are not listed either. We don't have the plants like Sheila/Yoni that are planted as color, ground cover, and medicinal or edible beans we are growing between trees to shade youngin trees or protect barer soil in the upcoming dry season.

What an amazing project and process this all is. It's a beautiful way to reforest as well. We are healing the land and we will be able to provide for the household as well as our neighbors and hopefully for surrounding community many years from now. We are so excited to be a living example of what the future holds.

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